Treaty Land Sharing Network:

A Step Toward Honouring the Treaties




 Branding / Website Design / Digital Solutions

The Challenge

In a land where the wounds of colonization still exist, finding a meaningful way to honour treaty obligations and inherent rights is a critical issue. The Treaty Land Sharing Network (TLSN) had already taken the first steps by bringing together Saskatchewan farmers and Indigenous communities with the aim to share land and honor treaty obligations. Despite their significant work, TLSN faced a few challenges. Only 2% of Saskatchewan land has been allocated to reserves, and issues such as systemic racism and privatization remain.

Website Strategy: A Portal for Safe Land Access

After sprucing up the brand, we shifted our focus to the website development. The TLSN website needed to serve as both a practical tool for land access and a storytelling medium that could inspire action. Our solution was a land users portal that features:

  • Interactive Maps: Giving a geographical context to the lands available for sharing.
  • Land Directory: Providing detailed information about each land, including characteristics and availability for different uses such as plant gathering and ceremonies.

Improving Land Access

The website launched in the summer of 2021 and has already seen an increase in the number of lands being made available through the network. Farms and ranches within TLSN can now be accessed for various Indigenous practices like plant and medicine gathering, hunting, and ceremonies.

Work with us

We are thrilled by the initial success of the TLSN portal and excited about its potential to grow and facilitate even more meaningful connections. This project isn’t just another client engagement for us; it’s a calling to support efforts that make real societal changes. We can’t wait to see where TLSN goes next and are grateful for the opportunity to contribute.

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