A Platform for Liberating Care




Story Strategy / Branding / Illustration / Animation / Web Development / LMS /  Templates


The Challenge

TransCare+ is a non-profit organization focused on liberating care for trans and gender diverse communities. On the brink of expansion, they needed a creative partner to lay a visual foundation, develop digital tools and support the design of an array of collateral including an online learning platform and associated explainer animations. Accessibility and engagement were top of mind, ensuring we would create an informative platform that would effectively convey the organization’s mission and values.

Engaging Design Reflecting the Brand

We opted for a design that mirrored the brand’s essence. Drawing inspiration from the concept of “liberating care” and breaking down traditional structures, we incorporated engaging illustrations and animations that symbolized freedom, fluidity, and innovation. These visual elements brought the brand to life, making the website an extension of TransCare+’s values.

Animating the Legacy:

Community Care History in 60 Seconds

We partnered with Jess from Paper Plane Communications to produce a series of animations designed in the style of Canada’s Heritage Minutes. These animations tell the history of community care in the digestible and engaging format of 60-seconds. This choice allowed us to add an extra layer of depth to TransCare+’s educational services, making learning both informative and enjoyable.

Comprehensive website and online course integration

We recognized that TransCare+ aimed to be more than just a standard website—it needed to be a digital embodiment of its commitments. Therefore, we chose to develop a comprehensive website that would not merely inform but inspire and empower visitors. This holistic approach allowed us to create a platform that went beyond conventional web design, reflecting TransCare+’s vision. Recognizing the brand’s commitment to empowerment, we integrated an online course platform that aligned with the goal of care-based education. This choice allowed TransCare+ to not only provide support but also foster self-sufficiency and growth within the trans and gender diverse community.


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