SUGAR Health

Strategic Branding and Digital Innovation for the Prairie Living Lab Project




Story Strategy / Branding / Web Development / Online Directory


The Journey Begins:

Addressing a Community Need

Sexual Health Nova Scotia (SHNS) approached us with a vision: to create an accessible and comprehensive digital platform, SUGAR Health, aiming to revolutionize access to Sexual, Gender, and Reproductive Health (SGRH) services across Nova Scotia.


Crafting an Inclusive Solution

Our solution focused on:

  • Designing with Empathy: Creating a friendly, inclusive brand and a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation.
  • Building a Network: Developing a detailed, searchable database of SGRH service providers.

Transforming Vision into Reality: Making an Impact

Through meticulous planning and close collaboration with SHNS for brand development, the launch of SUGAR Health marked a significant stride in enhancing SGRH service accessibility, particularly benefiting those in underserved communities.

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