Strategic Branding and Digital Innovation for the Prairie Living Lab Project




Communications Strategy / Story Strategy / Branding / Illustration / Web Development / Templates


Uniting for a Sustainable Future

Understanding SODCAP’s Vision

SODCAP Inc., an alliance-builder in conservation and sustainability, faced the complex task of championing their Living Lab project. This ambitious initiative aimed to create a network of researchers, scientists, producers, and First Nations to foster innovation in agriculture and conservation. Our challenge was to effectively strategize, brand, and communicate the project’s vision and goals to a diverse audience.

Engaging Design Reflecting the Brand

As a strategic partner, we embarked on a multifaceted journey with SODCAP Inc and our involvement spanned various critical areas.

We began by crafting a strategic plan to identify the target audience, set clear goals, and choose the right tools for effective communication and engagement.

Digital presence

Recognizing the importance of a strong identity, we developed a cohesive parent brand for SODCAP and a distinct sub-brand for the Living Lab. This branding effort was a collaborative process, ensuring it resonated with all stakeholders.

Digital presence

To anchor the project, we created This digital platform serves as a hub for information and connection, catering to all participants in the network.

Ready to Transform Your Vision into Reality?

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