Punch Buggy Express

Driving Family Fun with Creative Branding

At the heart of Saskatoon, the Punch Buggy Express is a unique pedal bus adventure aiming to connect families with Saskatoon’s natural and cultural beauty through active transportation. Our challenge was to develop a brand that captures this spirit – one that not only appeals to the adventurous hearts of children but also resonates with the practical and eco-conscious minds of their parents.



Branding / Illustration / Graphic Design / Web Development

Unveiling the Brand

Our team approached this challenge with a creative flair, drawing inspiration from the mid-century Jetson style. We developed the Pedal Bus Bug character, a recognizable mascot for those in various stages of literacy. This character became a key visual element across all branding and marketing materials.

Connecting with Saskatoon

To further engage our audience, we crafted illustrated characters and scenes that highlighted important landmarks along the Meewasin and downtown Saskatoon. This not only provided a fun and educational aspect to the rides but also helped families connect more with the local environment.

“Arcana Creative transformed our dream into reality, infusing life and charm into our Punch Buggy character. They perfectly captured our playful, retro essence, igniting excitement for our city’s riverfront trails. With their expertise, we now have a standout website that seamlessly handles all our booking and communication, making the Punch Buggy Express a buzzing reality!”

– Clare Miller, Owner & Operator

Materializing the Brand

In addition to digital assets, we designed engaging physical brand collateral like feather flags, decals, and merchandise, adding to the overall brand presence in the community.

Launching an Intuitive Online Experience

Our comprehensive branding process extended beyond creating visuals. We developed a user-friendly website to facilitate easy bookings for various events like family outings, birthday parties, and private tours. The website includes all essential information such as FAQs, route details, and safety guidelines, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Let’s drive your brand forward

Inspired by the Punch Buggy Express’s journey? Our team is ready to help you create a brand that stands out and resonates with your audience. From unique characters to comprehensive digital solutions, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today and let’s drive your brand forward!