Little Ox Film Company

Our talented friends at Little Ox have been part of many client projects, providing videography services wherever needed. They recently went through a process of transformation and came to us to develop their brand identity and website. 



Branding / Web Design

Brand Development

The early development process resulted in this gorgeous mood board, inspired by texture, art deco influences and sleek, bold lines. We derived our palette from this board and narrowed it down to two logo concepts for final consideration. Our selected concept represents Little Ox’s positioning as “The Strength Behind Your Story”.

Print design

Business cards and letterhead were part of the package, and we’ve loved to hear that these silky smooth cards are now making an impression on potential clients.

Work with us

As a multi-talented team of strategists, designers, and developers, Arcana is always excited to work with a client that is interested in connecting all of the dots. We love to see a brand identity that is easy-to-use, engaging for target audiences, and grounded in story.

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