L’Arche Saskatoon

As the Christmas was nearing, L’Arche Saskatoon came to us to develop a fundraising campaign strategy that would capitalize on the season and help to support the purchase of a van for program participants. Our work covered early conceptualization and campaign development all the way through to developing peer-to-peer fundraising materials, social media and Mailchimp content for promotion, and integrating a landing page with Canada Helps fundraising tools. Coupled with L’Arche Saskatoon’s boots on the ground during this period, together we successfully surpassed the fundraising goal of $26,500!



Fundraising Strategy / Campaign Development / Branding / Social Media / Web Design / Print Design

Digital Fundraising Strategy

Integral to the campaign was a landing page that served as the home for our fundraising efforts. Included was a brief description of the cause, and two pathways to participate –as a donor and as a fundraiser. The donor path was embedded with a Canada Helps form so that the user didn’t need to leave the site. The fundraising path included materials for individuals to download to solicit donations on behalf of L’Arche Saskatoon, and a link to develop their own pre-populated fundraising pages. This resulted in a very tidy package for administering campaign efforts and engaging with the public.

Social Media 

As a large segment of the campaign took place online, it was essential that we develop supporting graphics and templates for use across social media.

Print Design

We made sure L’Arche Saskatoon was outfitted for offline interactions as well. A series of posters were developed to advertise the campaign as well as for peer-to-peer fundraisers to solicit donations from their community.

Giving Thanks

Custom e-cards were designed for donors, thanking them for their contributions and allowing individuals to gift a donation on behalf of a loved one, perfect for the Christmas season.

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