Husbandry Farms: Connecting busy families with nutritious food

Husbandry Farms came to us in the early days of developing their business. This family farm is run by Ryan and Alicia Husband, and they were looking for a brand identity to match their down to earth style . Husbandry Farms focuses on creating healthy, delicious products to support busy people across Canada. They needed a brand that would engage a variety of audiences while communicating their core mission: to feed busy families.

We worked with Husbandry Farms to develop a brand story and identity, establishing a strong logo system and brand with a full logo suite that works at all scales (from your tiny Instagram profile image to a billboard-sized ad). We then translated this into various print material and most importantly, developed packaging for their first two products!



Story Strategy / Branding / Website Design / Packaging

Creating a foundation

Throughout the brand development process, we focus on the feelings we want to evoke. For this client, we worked to convey a sense of connection and ease, knowing that Husbandry Farms is attracting busy families that seek easy solutions.

But marketing doesn’t stop at brand basics. Husbandry Farms was looking for solutions to apply to their product line, their web presence, and their customer engagement. By developing a strategic brand foundation early, all other pieces followed with clarity.

What a brand package includes

Arcana builds customized brand packages for each client we work with. Brand Strategy typically includes a deep dive into your story and your goals, providing a framework to develop a full Brand Identity (logo, palette, typography, graphic assets, and more). For Husbandry Farms, we built on Branding Identity to provide Web Design & Development, Print Design, Packaging, Illustration, and a Logo Animation.

Nurturing your potential

As a product-based business, brand development also included early mock ups of potential packaging to help envision the end goal and how it might take shape. We stress the brand strategy-building process because thinking of all brand applications in the early phases of development allows us to build a flexible suite of tools.

The brand brought to life!

Et voila – the Husbandry Farms Honeyberry Bar is now in circulation! Through the pandemic, a growing family, and the challenges of navigating entrepreneurship, Husbandry Farms has knocked. it out of the park, and we’re so proud to see these out in the world. Find these special bars made with locally grown haskap in stores across Saskatchewan.

Don’t wait to tell your story

Working with Husbandry Farms was a great experience. We always appreciate getting to walk alongside a business in their early stages of development – when all of the important, messy decisions are still being sorted out, and an identity is starting to take shape under the surface. This also helps with brand recognition, which takes time and consistency to build.

Ryan and Alicia committed to the Brand Strategy process from the start, and they decided to get their story out into the world with a landing page while the work of the business evolving happens in the background. With a strong foundation in place, we were able to pivot to supporting the product development side of their business, creating their first product for testing, the Honeyberry Bar, and boxes to hold them. We love how they turned out!

Work with us

Husbandry Farms is a great example of how you don’t have to wait to start sharing the process of growing your work. The team of creative problem-solvers at Arcana is passionate about drawing out that story and bringing it to life across platforms and applications, and with a solid brand strategy in place, you can start engaging people from right where you are.

Are you ready to bring your message to a wider audience? Looking for support as you find your brand identity? Give us a shout!