Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan

When we first met with ASCS, they were bound to a visual identity that no longer represented the organization. We kicked things off by conducting interviews, scouring written data, and diving deep into the subject matter. We gained an understanding of the audiences served, and explored the history and future potential of the Centre. Through this extensive process, we helped to pin point their values, clarify their priorities and bring to light pain points. Beyond the visual, we worked with their team to identify opportunities for modernizing their tools and processes.



Branding / Print Design / Website Design


The branding process

Three concepts were presented, and the formation of a home was the one selected. The two figures on either side are intentionally non-nuclear to encompass the many representations of a home. They’re expressed in a bright green, representing a healthy environment for growth and new beginnings. The new unit forged between the two figures is a home, a place of safety and security. A subtle nod to Saskatchewan, the province of operation, is represented in the shape of the angular rectangle doorway.

Website design

With such diverse audiences ranging from birth parents to adoptees to health professionals to those looking to adopt, the old ASCS website was cluttered with information in an attempt to address them. The website redesign was an opportunity for the ASCS team to step back and walk through their wealth of information, organizing and developing new, streamlined resources along the way.  Together with the team, we created clarity through the clutter, developing simple pathways for individuals to access the information they need.

Custom Illustration

A series of illustrated graphics for web and print were custom developed. These visual representations illuminate what can be a complex and emotional journey to adoption.

The result of our engagement was an overhaul of the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan brand, materials and new website, helping ASCS to express themselves as a safe, welcoming and trusted source of adoption-related information and resources.

The cherry on top was the application of a mural in their front reception area, a prominent expression of the brand and a welcoming sight for in-person visitors.

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