Naturally Amped: Modernizing Fermented Favourites




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Revitalizing Naturally Amped: Unveiling the ‘Sister Scientist’ Persona

Naturally Amped was recently acquired by new ownership when we connected with their team. During this time of transition, we worked to re-envision their brand story and re-energize their visual identity. Out of this work emerged the brand persona of the “Sister Scientist” – a confident, charismatic and informed problem-solver.

Creating a foundation

With previously hard-to-distinguish flavours on the shelves and a disconnect between the brand story and audience, our work with Naturally Amped resulted in a total revamp of their product labels. The outcome: Six kraut jars and a variety of tamper proof stickers with fun taglines. 

Packaging Design that Captivates

When Naturally Amped reached out again about their new line of water kefir drinks, our mission was clear: Captivate health-conscious parents seeking easy, nutritious options that – most importantly – their kids will love! This parent purchaser and kid consumer were top of mind as we developed a strategy.

From ingredients to imagination

We took inspiration from the key flavours and illustrated a magical universe where science kids explore new worlds and the wonders of taste!

Work with us

Naturally Amped is a perfect study of investing in the foundation of Story Strategy and bringing a brand persona to life. 

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