Library of Things

Empowering Community, Sharing Sustainability




Communications Strategy / Graphic Design / Illustration / Web Development / Templates

The Challenge

The Library of Things, based in Saskatoon, is a beacon of sustainability and community sharing. As a volunteer-run organization, it endeavors to make items physically and financially accessible, promoting a sustainable future through a sharing economy. The team, with its commitment to community and sustainability, was primed to enhance its brand awareness and deepen its impact.

While the organization was fueled by dedication and a strong mission, there was a need to clarify its message and values to truly resonate with the community and potential donors. The challenge was to create a brand and digital presence that authentically reflected their mission and values while being user-friendly and engaging.

Journey to Clarity

Partnering with Rachel Malena-Chan of Dwell House Communications, we embarked on an enlightening story strategy process. This collaboration aimed to unearth the core of the Library of Things, weaving their passion, dedication, and commitment into a brand narrative that speaks volumes about their mission to promote sustainability and reduce accessibility barriers.

Crafting a Unique Brand Identity

The result was a vibrant, illustrative brand identity that mirrors the quirky and unique assortment of “things” available in the library. The shapes in the logo are not random; they are reflections of the myriad of items found and available, allowing community members to discover, borrow, and learn. This new visual language provided a solid foundation, helping the organization communicate its values and mission more effectively.

Beyond visual and digital transformation, we supported the Library of Things in developing a robust communications strategy. We crafted social media templates to ensure consistency and clarity in their online interactions, enabling them to reach a wider audience and engage them more effectively.


Digital Transformation

To complement the newly minted brand identity, a user-friendly, engaging website was launched. This platform became the digital face of the Library of Things, offering opportunities for membership, item browsing, and deeper engagement with the community. It served as an inclusive space for everyone to explore the library’s offerings and understand its mission and values better.


What comes next?

If your organization is looking to carve out a distinct identity and create a lasting impact, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us to discover how we can collaborate to bring your vision, mission, and values to life through thoughtful design and strategic communication.