Not only does working in illustration feed our souls, but it can support storytelling and bring a custom, human element to all of our branding packages and projects. Our expertise ranges from realism to cartoon, and we love to be challenged with new applications and concepts. 

We almost always find a way to bring in illustration on our projects.

We’ve applied this to:

  • Logos, to express and customize
  • Custom stickers, to celebrate an event
  • Packaging, to enforce brand recognition
  • Social media graphics, to amplify the message
  • Invitations & Print materials, to provoke emotion
  • Websites, to support storytelling

And the list goes on…

Browse some of our past projects below!


One-off gifts

We’re often asked to design for custom gifts. We love these little side projects, and we hear they’re often received with (happy) tears!

Work with us

We thrive on creative, strategic projects with people making a difference in our communities. Sound like a good fit?