Designing for change

At Arcana Creative, we are driven by a passion to deliver exceptional design solutions to those dedicated to building stronger, more resilient communities. Our expertise extends across North America, supporting leaders and changemakers tackling pivotal social, economic, and environmental challenges. From managing Charlie Clark’s mayoral campaign branding to designing impactful billboards for Saskatchewan Sexual Health’s Syphilis Awareness initiative, to innovating digital solutions for the Treaty Land Sharing Network, our work is fueled by collaborating with purpose-driven clients. At the heart of every project lies our commitment to amplify voices, inspire action, and drive meaningful change.

Great design solutions change lives

We’re interested in understanding and transforming problems while staying grounded in empathy and connection. The Arcana team takes the time to develop specific strategic approaches for each challenge we tackle, guiding you confidently through a thoughtful, personal problem-solving experience.

Our experience extends across sectors

  • 2SLGBTQ2+ organizations
  • Anti-poverty groups
  • Education and youth
  • Sustainability
  • Community Health Centres
  • Small businesses
  • Political campaigns and figures
  • National health organizations
  • Research groups
  • And more!

What we’re all about

Crafting Digital Excellence for Vibrant, Inclusive Communities

Arcana works with leaders who see the value of digital tools, engaging stories, compelling designs, creative expressions, and integrated strategies. We’re driven by a desire to see real-world solutions in action because we have a vision for strong, vibrant, inclusive communities where everyone has what they need to thrive.

Joining Forces for Systemic Transformation

We want to play our part in transforming systems, and we do that by working with change-makers who have important problems to solve. This is where you come in. You provide the boots-on-the-ground experience and the community connection to ground solutions in context. When community-builders are supported to share their work, we all win.

Navigating Your Path to Impactful Solutions

We’re here to provide the tools, processes, and strategies to help you move forward. We consider the specifics of your problem, and then zoom out to take a birds eye view of the context we’re working within, including our audiences and the collective tools and resources at hand. We draw a map and take the journey step by step to ensure tangible results. A bit of guidance goes a long way in making the design process enjoyable and effective.

Giving back

In an economy that rewards those who extract and exploit, we push back by donating our services to people who are working on important problems. Over the past 7 years, Arcana Creative has given over $75,000 in services to community champions. If you know of an underfunded project that we should hear about, contact us through our Give Back application and nomination process.

Meet Molly

Molly leads our core team as Owner and Creative Director, with members and partners across Canada. Molly founded Arcana Creative to support those building a better world. With a background in International Development and Fine Arts, Molly brings a fresh lens to the communications challenges faced by purpose-driven businesses and organizations. She is keenly able to hold focus on the micro-level problems while zooming out to consider macro-level problems at the same time, and she leaves people feeling a sense of possibility.

Molly lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her partner Danny, and son Ronan. When she’s not behind her desk, you can find Molly soaking in the joys of family life or on an outdoor adventure.