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A City at a Turning Point

Saskatoon is more than just our home; it’s a vibrant community with the potential for transformative change. When long-time City Councillor Charlie Clark decided to run for Mayor in 2016, it represented a significant shift toward a more progressive, inclusive future. Arcana Creative was honored to serve as design and social media leads in both the 2016 and 2020 campaigns, immersing ourselves in the adrenaline-pumping world of grassroots politics.

The Challenge: All Hands on Deck

Running a municipal campaign is an exhaustive, 24/7 endeavor, particularly when championing a progressive agenda that requires new ways of thinking and doing. The challenge was twofold:

Swiftly Responding to a Changing Political Environment: The pace was relentless. We were often working 18-hour days to adapt to ever-changing situations.

Accessible and Engaging Communications: The voters needed accurate, easy-to-digest information on Charlie’s platform, and the campaign had to stand out in a sea of political messaging.

Our Approach: From Strategy to Execution

Creative Communications in Crunch Time

With time as our most scarce resource, we streamlined our design processes and empowered our team of volunteers to respond to social media activity, ensuring that accurate and vital information reached the voters efficiently.

Diversifying Digital Tools

To break down complex policy ideas, we employed a range of digital tools, from animated videos to infographics. In 2016, we developed an animated video to illustrate the impact of residential tax increases effectively.

A Multi-Channel Approach

We took advantage of all forms of media. Due to the challenges of the pandemic, we found ways to connect and activate our base online without forgetting about important in-person touch points. Our 2020 campaign strategy included everything from a new website and social media advertising to billboards, newspaper ads, flyers, and even branded face masks. 

The Outcome: Victories, Lessons, and Lasting Impact

Moving at the Speed of Trust

Trust was our most significant asset. Being an integral part of both campaigns allowed us to align closely with the core team, leading to another electoral success.

Beyond the Election

The work didn’t end on election night. We continue to support Mayor Charlie Clark and his office with ongoing creative and strategic services.

What comes next?

Charlie Clark’s victories in both campaigns weren’t just wins for him but for the community we love and serve. 

If you’re gearing up for a campaign that champions inclusivity and change, we’re here to lend our creative expertise and tireless work ethic to make it a reality.

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