Casita Foods

Crafting a Homestyle Brand



Story Strategy / Branding / Packaging Design / Templates

The Challenge

Bringing Authenticity to the Gluten-Free Market

Casita Foods, born from a team of passionate chefs and food lovers, approached us with a unique vision. Their goal was to revolutionize the gluten-free market with their homestyle, high-quality breads and brioche buns, rooted in tradition yet innovative. They wanted to stand out in a market often seen as niche and make their products appealing to a broader audience, without losing their core values of simplicity, quality, and the joy of shared meals.

Our Approach

Story Strategy and Branding

We immersed ourselves in Casita Foods’ origins, highlighting their kitchen-crafted gluten-free recipe and commitment to quality. Our branding, influenced by the Caregiver and Everyday Person archetypes, created a ‘Wholesome Host’ persona, blending rustic charm with a warm, inviting voice, appealing to families seeking healthful, gluten-free choices.


Packaging Design

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

For packaging, we struck a balance between rustic charm and contemporary appeal. Each element of the design conveyed the warmth of a homestyle kitchen, the integrity of using locally sourced ingredients, and the inclusivity of a product meant for everyone. The packaging communicates trust, quality, and the nostalgic comfort of shared meals, aligning perfectly with their taglines like “No gluten, just bread” and “Whole foods for the whole family.”


A Warm Welcome to Casita Foods

Casita Foods’ rebranded products, embodying a perfect blend of tradition and quality, quickly resonated with a broad audience. Breaking free from gluten-free stereotypes, their bread and brioche buns are a household favorite, not just for those with dietary restrictions but for all who value taste and homestyle quality. Their success is a testament to the power of a brand that truly connects with the warmth and nostalgia of shared meals, welcoming everyone to the table. 

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